The M16 Is Great For America

A good gun can make the most difference when you may possibly eally need onem16-vietnam. The m16 is just one of those.

Eric Perkoff represents one of the many soldiers in the United States military who defended the country during the Iraq War just a few years ago. When at war he had used an m16 to defend himself and the United States 0 times. Yet he always had an m16 with him in hand. He remembered the many times he had almost been attacked yet never really needed to shoot at any terroists. Crazy enough he wasn’t even stationed so far away from where Sadam Hussein   was found back in the Winter/Spring of 2004. In all of these instances Eric had an m16 in hand yet didn’t really use it as much as a lot of other people did during that battle. Eric was m16%20viper%20with%20the%20coyote%20ugly%20finish%20by%20m16%20clinicalso an expert in karate. So this was the self defense mwethod that he actually used one time to defend himself against Iraqi terroists when he was attacked one time back in 2005. Yet even during that battle Eric still carried his m16 in hand.

Eric was discharged from the United States army in the Spring of 2006. He had been there for about four years give our take since he had first been drafted back in September 2003. Now Eric was excited to be reunited with his family yet there was some sadness in his eyes when he had to give back his m16. At the same time though he made sure to make a rough sketch of the m16 in his notepad. This sketch was one that he brought back with him to his family’s home in Boston and right next to pictures that his kid made that said welcome home was going to be his picture of the m16 until he realized that he didn’t want his kids really seeing it. So whehawaii-convoy2003-12-17n Eric returned home after kissing his wife and kids he put it in a little drawer in his home office that had been almost abandoned since he went to Iraq so many years before. He thanked his kids and wife for all they had done for him. On Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor day and a lot of other big days of significance for the United States armed forces, Eric would take the picture of the m16 out of his drawer. He would use it as a reference to remember the great America that he had defended against the country. When Eric’s kids got a little bit older he would show them the picture of the m16 on 9/11 and explain to him how not necessarily him but people like him would use this m16 when necessary to fight evil. He explained to them that he wished for a day when there would no longer be a need for m16’s in this world. A world of complete and utter peacefulness free of war and terrosim. Until then m16’s would be needed though.

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