New Cure All or Hibbidy Dibbidy


I’m just going to come out and say it. I have anger management problems. It’s not ever the way I want to introduce myself, but sometimes people need to know about my constant eternal struggle to stay calm. Something that’s specifically helped me keep my cool in recent years has been lavender oil. My sister is a hippie-dippie and introduced me to aromatherapy when she realized I had a problem that I couldn’t get under control. Diffusing essential oils like lavender oil made me feel great from the start so I wanted to share my experience with you.

I’ve struggled with anger issues my entire life. I would always get into fights in school. I could not control my temper for the life of me. I’ve seen a number of therapists and most of them have just quit on me. Therapy and I do not get along. Most therapists couldn’t deal with my outbursts. Some may say it’s because my mother died when I was so young. I can barely remember her, but the one thing I do remember is her hugs. She would give me the warmest hugs when I needed them. It was probably her way of calming me down and telling me everything will be ok. I heard that my grandfather also had anger management issues. My mother’s father. I’m sure my mom was nervous that I would end up like him so she wanted me to feel extra secure and safe.

I’ve spent some time behind bars and it wasn’t until I reunited with my sister after not speaking for five years, when she introduced me to lavender oil. My sister has been godsent. We lost touch over the years because of me. I was obnoxious and annoying to be around. I’ve had more failed relationships than I can count. I was always angry and it got me in a lot of trouble. I also didn’t have any good friends up until recently. My sister only came back into my life because she wanted to help. What a gem! Introducing me to aromatherapy and lavender oil has been one of the nicest and most impactful things anyone has ever done for me.

She introduced me to other essential oils as well, but lavender oil is great for when I need a quick way to calm down. I used to smoke 2 boxes of cigarettes each day because I was so on edge, but slowly but surely I’m now able to cut down thanks to lavender oil. My sister bought me an oil diffuser. I plan to pay her back since they are a bit expensive, but I just add a few drops of whatever essential oil I want to fill my apartment with and it works like magic. I can now come home from a stressful day of work and naturally unwind. No need for cigarettes for me. I got this. I hope that the use of essential oils and aromatherapy will continue to make me a better man so I can finally be in a healthy and successful relationship.

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