The Grammar Software

Fed up with grammarly, ginger and all of the other grammar checking softwares out there Jack decided he was going to create his own grammar checking software. This grammar checking software would be like no grammar checking software nobody has ever seen before.

Jack had several big plans for this grammar checking software. First of all the software would check for 1,000’s of grammatical, spelling, syntax and many more errors which I can’t even begin to describe to you right now. The grammar checking software also had a highly sophisticated speak and write function. Like many other similar programs this program would allow you to write an essay, paper or even a novel orally. If you speak in incorrect grammar the grammar checking software would edit what you say instantaneously without you having to think about it. You would also be able to save your work orally. All you would need to do is tell your grammar checking software. “Grammar checker save!” It would then save the file as both a word document and as an oral mp3 file. As he went through his plan for this grammar checker in his head Jack wondered if calling the program grammar checker was a good name. Maybe he could give the grammimprove-grammar-and-spelling-in-english-with-grammarlyar checker another name. A possibility was the ultimate grammar checker. He decided to find out if this name was taken he would figure this out at the patent office. Jack lived in Washington DC so a patent office wasn’t to hard to come by. He went there and explained to them that he had this new invention, a superior grammar checking software that he wanted to file for a patent for. “ Can you check that it’s name isn’t taken though. I want to call it the ultimate grammar checker.” They did a search for it over the computer. “ Ya no official name” they told you-either-die-a-grammar-nazi1him. This was perfect now Jack could introduce his new official grammar checking software. He had been waiting to introduce this grammar checking software, the ultimate grammar checking software for so, so long now. His dream was finally becoming a reality. His grammar checking software made Jack feel like he had just wished upon a star and made no difference that he was just some average guy from Montgomery, Alabama currently living in Washington DC. He was going to be the inventor of the Ultimate Grammar Checker. He was considering though getting people to invest in it once it went more public. After a few months the ultimate grammar checker went on the market. To generate some more sales though Jack decided to go on the show “ Shark Tank” to get the people from there to invest in his product. All of the judges on that show unanimously agreed to invest in his ultimate grammar checker. Life was looking really good for Jack from that point on. Before he knew it he became one of the wealthiest people in America.

How long that will last? We will see.

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