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I am so excited. I am all booked to go to the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2018. 28 th of June to 7 th of July 2018 to be exact! I am a bit of a festival junkie and being a photographer I get hired for different gigs at music events from time to time. 2018 seems to be my year so far. I am working at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Womad in the UK 2018 and also the Essaouira Gnawa Festival in 2018. On top of having all this work which I am grateful for, these are also my three favorite
festivals. I am waiting to hear on Glastonbury but it’s not confirmed yet.

I was at the last Gnaoua festival in Essaouira in 2017 and that was one of the best yet. I arrived in Marrakesh airport on the Wednesday 28 th of June and I was planning on staying until July 3 rd . I actually extended until July 9 th because I love it there so much so I pretty much got sucked in as I always do and just couldn’t leave. Who can leave Mint Tea and Drums?

So I arrived, tired, I took a private taxi (which if you happen to know a taxi driver is actually worth getting driven down there). Its only 2.5 hours from Marrakesh and by bus is absolutely fine and comfortable but its tiring when you have just been on a near 5 hour flight and it was an early morning one so I had been awake for at least 11 hours by now or more through the night.

So I jumped in my taxi and headed to my friend’s house. He has his own house 20 mins outside Essaouira. He has a super comfortable sofa – like for real! More comfortable than a bed. The exchange for when I come is to bring him a bottle of Tea Tree oil Shampoo and this Lavender soap that he had used of mine when I first stayed with him and now he says he can’t live without! It always makes me laugh. That and I have to cook my specialty – pancakes and I bring maple syrup with me in my suitcase. That’s our thing! Pancakes, Tea Tree and Lavender in exchange for his wonderful sofa and a ride into town every day! He’s such a dude! We once thought about being together but decided we were better as friends as our lives are in two opposite directions but neither-the- less there is love there but mainly friendship love. I am lucky to have him as my friend and to know him.

So he took me in on my first day of the festival and I snapped away. I work for a local magazine in my city. It’s very popular so they can afford for me to go out to these places around the globe. I have free-lance projects going on too, I feel like such a lucky girl!

I snapped away until my heart was content. It was such a good gig. I get to liaise with the artists who I have come to know and love and I also get plenty of free-time for me. Morocco happens to be one of my favorite places on earth. I really do feel like a lucky girl. I do what I love, I travel and I get to swap things like Tea Tree oil shampoo by Maple Holistics for a place to stay – it’s a good life!

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