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Oh No My AC Is Leaking

Ariel and Eliana had made a decision they were going to finally make Aliyah to Israel with their two children Tamar and David. They had signed a lot of their paperwork and had pretty much officially sold their 6 bedroom house in the Stoneybrook forest neighborhood of Kemp Mill of Silver Spring. They were even on the charter Nefesh B’Nefesh flight and had their aparac-repair-2 tment basically squared away in the Nofei Aviv neighborhood of Beit Shemesh. After finally arriving in Israel they arrived in their apartment only to find the air conditioning not working in their Beit Shemesh apartment. So they decided they needed to call a technai or repair person. They had someone help them with the Hebrew and this is exactly what they did.

Ariel and Eliana called the guy. It was a Wednesday in July the kids weren’t starting school until September. They had a friend help them with the Hebrew and they found this great repair man who would come to help them out with what they need. A few hours later the repair guy arrived. He basically pressed a bunch of buttons nothing worked. He then went into the air conditioning and completely fixed it. While the repair man fixed it they found out that he actually knew English and was able to speak it with an American accent. “ Where’d you learn to speak English like that asked Eliana?” “ I grew up in the states and made Aliyah to Israel a few years ago. “ Wait a minute” asked Ariel. “ Did you go to the Feinberg Tzioni School in SandTree, Ohio?” “ I did” said the repairman. “ No way I think I did Bnei Akiva with you growing up” said Ariel. “ Really?” said the repairman. “ My name is Menachem Katz. Now that I think about I remember you, you were also a big guy at Camp Stone.” “ Oh yeah. We were ac-repairEidah Gimmel counselors together.” It was a small Jewish world after all. I wonder if I did a study how many people you could link up in the different Israeli Jewish communities amongst olim together. What are the odds that the guy dfixing your air conditioning went to camp with you, highschool with you, yeshiva in Israel. This country is way to small sometimes. It is beautiful though. So Menachem continued to fix the air conditioning. He did it in 10 minutes. It was all fixed. Ariel ended up paying him and gave him a twenty shekel tip. “ Yishuv tov” said Menachem on the way out. He then disappeared into the distance. Come check out for all of your home and appliance repair needs.

A few years later, right before he retired, Ariel was sitting in his office in Tel Aviv and suddenly found Menachem sitting in front of his office. “ What’s going on achi?” Menachem asked Ariel. “ It’s been awhile” said Menachem. “ Ya thanks for fixing that AC all those years ago.” “ It was no problem” said Menachem. “ How are your kids?”

To be continued…..

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