Benefits of Copaiba Oil

When it comes to essential oils I’m ashamed to admit that I’m somewhat of an addict. I use them for everything and I can assure you that they do what they say they’re going to do on the bottle. There is something strangely satisfying about alternative medicine. Maybe it’s the fact that you know that nothing bad is going to happen if you’re literally just using nature. Nature is the original healer. I once saw this meme that asked a really good question. It was basically giving a shout out to our ancestors who sacrificed their lives to find out which plants were edible and which were not. It really is crazy when you think about how much we eat today and how much is poisonous. Somebody had to eat it to find out that it was poisonous. I think this is also partially true when it comes to using plants for healing. There are a multitude of essential oils like lavender oil, bergamot oil and copaiba oil and all of which someone had to use in various different ways until they found out whether it worked or not, and if it did what it actually worked for.

It wasn’t until later when scientists were able to break apart components of the substance and see what really worked, that we really found out why essential oils had the power that they did. This process also allowed humanity to know what potency of each essential oil worked. When it comes to copaiba oil, the potency is really something to be aware of. Similar to tea tree oil, which is also super potent, you have to be careful with how much you apply and topical application of copaiba oil in general.

Copaiba oil is particularly rich in antioxidants which means that you should be using this if you want to eliminate free radicals from your skin. You can also ingest copaiba oil which means that it can be used as a dietary supplement of antioxidants. If you don’t want to take a supplement, which I totally get because they can become somewhat of a crutch in your diet, then you could increase your intake of blueberries instead. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which makes them a great fruit to eat to clear your skin and generally keep you healthy. Similar to blueberries, the antioxidants found in copaiba oil mean that this essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties which can clear your skin and reduce internal pain that is caused by inflammation.

If you’re not sure where to start with copaiba oil then I would suggest adding it to your skin routine. It can reduce blemishes and give you that healthy glow thanks to the antioxidants. Too many free radicals can have a negative effect on your skin and general complexion. It can dull your skin and cause blemishes, so copaiba oil can fight those results.

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Boys Become Men

You give birth to the most beautiful little boy. He’s so innocent. He can do no wrong. He grows up normally. You cook him outstanding meals. He treats you well because you’re his mom. He may get a little wild with his friends, but they are five, it’s normal. At least that’s what you tell yourself. Boys will be boys, right? No, not right. You can raise your son to be a gentleman. To treat women with respect. To not tease the girls at school.

It’s hard because you want your child to be tough enough to stand up for themselves, but you don’t want them to be so tough, they become a bully. You need to teach them confidence and self-respect. You need to explain to them that every one of their actions has an effect on others. You need to teach them how to behave. It’s not just something they will grow into.

You know you hear all those stories of those college students who end up raping their friends at an off-campus party. Those men used to be the little sweet boys in their cribs. What happened in their lives that made them feel so entitled to take control of a woman? Something must have gone amiss. They weren’t born a rapist, they became one over the years.

If we want the world to be a better place, we need to better parents. Don’t ignore your child’s behavior and say it’s just their age. Reprimand the. Teach them how one should act. Do you want your daughters growing up in a world with the boys you barely raised? Children need direction. If you expect them to just learn right and wrong from their friends, you are in for a rough ride.

I have a friend or ex-friend that comes from a wealthy family. He got arrested for stealing a bike. What a moron! He could have easily bought a bike ten times better than the one he tried to steal but no, he just wanted to steal something it didn’t matter that he has one just like it at home. He also stole it with a fake, toy gun. That was the real reason he went to jail. Was he born an idiot? No, he became that. His parents gave him the cold shoulder for one to many years and it landed him where he is today. In and out of prisons and rehab. Is it for attention? I don’t know. He just likes living life on the edge.

To sum it all up, the boys you raise become men. Whether they are good or bad people has a lot to do with you. I know you don’t want to take any responsibility, but it’s true. You need to give them direction and an endless amount of love. You need to tell them when they are wrong, even if it’s difficult for you to step into their business. If it’s difficult for you now, imagine what it will be like in ten or fifteen years.

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The Way Of The Superior Man

I’ve been reading Deida’s The Way of the Superior Man, and it struck me as one of those books which I wish I would have gotten before I got married. It may not apply to everyone. In fact, it most certainly does not. But it does apply to me and to the relationship I am in. It applies to it big time, and I suppose I should thank my lucky stars and guardians for bringing it to me when they did. And I should also thank my friend Ike who gave it to me. He read it when he was only 22, the dumbass, and his relationships have been affected it by it to a great extent. And looking back, I can see how. Like I said, it is not a book for everyone, but if you are able to give into it and sink into it, and take it as it is with no judgement until you are over with it – well, there is a lot to learn from it, even if you don’t choose to follow it to a tee.

It has a few chapters whose titles grabbed me as soon as I read them in the table of contents. Chapters like Tolerating Her Ends Up Resenting Her, and Live as if Your Father is Dead are ones which you cannot stay indifferent to. They hit home, and they hit hard. We all have some kinds of deficiencies which fester inside us, and this book has a way of pinpointing some of the root causes and origins of these feeling we have. It is subtitled as “A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire”. Now THAT is what I am talking about. And it does that. It does for me anyway, and for many other guys out there. This book is not just for guys, and not just got couples, and certainly not only for heterosexual couples. It is meant for anyone who wants to learn more about their nature, and about the nature of the opposite sex. And this is not a question of gender or biology, but more of energies. We can see there are men with more feminine energies, and women with more masculine energies. It is all a question of emphasis and of cultivation.

It is a book I will be reading and re-reading for many years, and I will always be drawing inspirtation from it, at least until I feel I am changed. It is a great read, and I highly recommend it.

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I am so excited. I am all booked to go to the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2018. 28 th of June to 7 th of July 2018 to be exact! I am a bit of a festival junkie and being a photographer I get hired for different gigs at music events from time to time. 2018 seems to be my year so far. I am working at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Womad in the UK 2018 and also the Essaouira Gnawa Festival in 2018. On top of having all this work which I am grateful for, these are also my three favorite
festivals. I am waiting to hear on Glastonbury but it’s not confirmed yet.

I was at the last Gnaoua festival in Essaouira in 2017 and that was one of the best yet. I arrived in Marrakesh airport on the Wednesday 28 th of June and I was planning on staying until July 3 rd . I actually extended until July 9 th because I love it there so much so I pretty much got sucked in as I always do and just couldn’t leave. Who can leave Mint Tea and Drums?

So I arrived, tired, I took a private taxi (which if you happen to know a taxi driver is actually worth getting driven down there). Its only 2.5 hours from Marrakesh and by bus is absolutely fine and comfortable but its tiring when you have just been on a near 5 hour flight and it was an early morning one so I had been awake for at least 11 hours by now or more through the night.

So I jumped in my taxi and headed to my friend’s house. He has his own house 20 mins outside Essaouira. He has a super comfortable sofa – like for real! More comfortable than a bed. The exchange for when I come is to bring him a bottle of Tea Tree oil Shampoo and this Lavender soap that he had used of mine when I first stayed with him and now he says he can’t live without! It always makes me laugh. That and I have to cook my specialty – pancakes and I bring maple syrup with me in my suitcase. That’s our thing! Pancakes, Tea Tree and Lavender in exchange for his wonderful sofa and a ride into town every day! He’s such a dude! We once thought about being together but decided we were better as friends as our lives are in two opposite directions but neither-the- less there is love there but mainly friendship love. I am lucky to have him as my friend and to know him.

So he took me in on my first day of the festival and I snapped away. I work for a local magazine in my city. It’s very popular so they can afford for me to go out to these places around the globe. I have free-lance projects going on too, I feel like such a lucky girl!

I snapped away until my heart was content. It was such a good gig. I get to liaise with the artists who I have come to know and love and I also get plenty of free-time for me. Morocco happens to be one of my favorite places on earth. I really do feel like a lucky girl. I do what I love, I travel and I get to swap things like Tea Tree oil shampoo by Maple Holistics for a place to stay – it’s a good life!

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Springfield Armory Is Truly American

If you’ve been shooting for a while, or are completely inexperienced – the first thing you have to take into account before firing a gun is to make sure that the sights are set properly to ensure that the firearm will shoot accurately. I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure that this is done before firing your weapon, as misfires can result in serious injury, the death of a loved one (or a neighbors loved one), the death of countless pets or bystanders and simply a waste of ammunition. It’s also important because it will give you a realistic gauge of your aiming abilities and allow you to hone in on your skills.  Without an accurate firearm, you’re basically shooting in the dark which is a senseless act that we reserve for weddings and bar-mitzvahs only. The act of firing a gun in the dark dates back to the pre-greco/roman era and it was Plato who first said: “He who hits a target at night is indeed a good shot. Pour him a steadfast wine and give him many women to lay with, for his eye is his gift and the eye is the beholder of beauty and death alike it may seem.” is the only place you need to go for all information guns.

By definition, a sight is a device used to assist aligning or the aiming of firearms, and is typically composed of two components, front and rear aiming pieces that have to be lined up. Very simply put, the sights indicate where the gun is pointed. They are what we use to aim the gun. The sights are comprised of the little post on the front of the slide (front sight) and the notched blade (rear sight) on the rear of the slide. There are many different kinds of sights, but the iron sights on all Springfield Armory® pistols are “post and notch” and therefore align the same.

Sights come in several sizes, shapes and colors; Some are all black, others have fiber optic tubes, painted dots or even inserts that glow in the dark. Most shooters quickly begin to favor one type of sight over another and their gun choice may actually be determined based on the sights. Properly aligning the sights on the target gives you the orientation or exact location / position the gun will shoot the bullet when fired. Many shooters refer to this a the “sight picture”. So, how do you create the perfect sight picture?

Properly grip the gun and hold it at arm’s length. Visually align the front sight post in the rear sight notch. The top of the rear and front sights should be on the same plane or level. The gap of light between the sides of the front sight and inside vertical edge of the rear notch should be equal. Once you have aligned the sights with each other, place the sights on the target where you want the impact of the bullet to go. You are now ready to shoot! Our guns’ sights are typically regulated so the bullet will impact at the top of the front sight, with proper sight alignment. Many pistol models come with sights that can be adjusted to change the point of impact.

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Is Online Where We’re Headed for Education

Life is a digital and that is no truer in our growing internet age. Our lives are moving online and in this vain it makes complete sense that while our personal lives move to the online world so should our educational lives. Internet courses are a new experimental avenue that has online been around for a couple of decades or so. Compared to traditional schools this is a drop in the bucket. There was a time when people could use video tapes and the like to study subjects on their own but today technology has moved to the cloud and that means more people are choosing to study via online courses than ever before.

As you would expect there are legions of people who believe this form of education is inferior and in some ways they are quite correct. There are different ways students learn and having a live teacher there in the room to answer your questions can be beneficial on many fronts. On the other side of the fence is the self-learner. These are students that do not need to be in a classroom in order to retain and understand the information. Just look at the endless amount of videos on the internet and youtube that will teach you anything you want to know. There has never been a time when you could learn in the comfort of your own home so easily. Chefs, graphic designers and a whole slew of other professionals are moving online and taking advantage of online courses. It is a way for both the teacher and the student to gain knowledge and some side income.

Many websites have created dedicated platforms for tutorials. for example is one such online course website where you subscribe for a certain amount of time and are privy to a copious amount of videos that teach you anything you really want to know from professionals in the field. You can learn more about such websites on These websites have come to understand that people want more information and they want to learn it in the comfort of their own homes. In the early days many people were weary of joining and spending money on these courses because the quality just wasn’t up to par. That isn’t the case anymore. The information provided is thorough and I personally have learnt many things off of and

The world of online learning and courses is only just beginning. Never has there been a time that has allowed the most amount of people to educate themselves and to achieve degrees in fields that you used to have to go to physical classrooms to achieve. There is still a lot of room to go and it brings up all sorts of questions about how if everyone knows the trade secrets are we all putting ourselves into a disadvantage? Or are we creating an equal playing field that makes us have to push ourselves to the next level. What do you think?

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Oh No My AC Is Leaking

Ariel and Eliana had made a decision they were going to finally make Aliyah to Israel with their two children Tamar and David. They had signed a lot of their paperwork and had pretty much officially sold their 6 bedroom house in the Stoneybrook forest neighborhood of Kemp Mill of Silver Spring. They were even on the charter Nefesh B’Nefesh flight and had their aparac-repair-2 tment basically squared away in the Nofei Aviv neighborhood of Beit Shemesh. After finally arriving in Israel they arrived in their apartment only to find the air conditioning not working in their Beit Shemesh apartment. So they decided they needed to call a technai or repair person. They had someone help them with the Hebrew and this is exactly what they did.

Ariel and Eliana called the guy. It was a Wednesday in July the kids weren’t starting school until September. They had a friend help them with the Hebrew and they found this great repair man who would come to help them out with what they need. A few hours later the repair guy arrived. He basically pressed a bunch of buttons nothing worked. He then went into the air conditioning and completely fixed it. While the repair man fixed it they found out that he actually knew English and was able to speak it with an American accent. “ Where’d you learn to speak English like that asked Eliana?” “ I grew up in the states and made Aliyah to Israel a few years ago. “ Wait a minute” asked Ariel. “ Did you go to the Feinberg Tzioni School in SandTree, Ohio?” “ I did” said the repairman. “ No way I think I did Bnei Akiva with you growing up” said Ariel. “ Really?” said the repairman. “ My name is Menachem Katz. Now that I think about I remember you, you were also a big guy at Camp Stone.” “ Oh yeah. We were ac-repairEidah Gimmel counselors together.” It was a small Jewish world after all. I wonder if I did a study how many people you could link up in the different Israeli Jewish communities amongst olim together. What are the odds that the guy dfixing your air conditioning went to camp with you, highschool with you, yeshiva in Israel. This country is way to small sometimes. It is beautiful though. So Menachem continued to fix the air conditioning. He did it in 10 minutes. It was all fixed. Ariel ended up paying him and gave him a twenty shekel tip. “ Yishuv tov” said Menachem on the way out. He then disappeared into the distance. Come check out for all of your home and appliance repair needs.

A few years later, right before he retired, Ariel was sitting in his office in Tel Aviv and suddenly found Menachem sitting in front of his office. “ What’s going on achi?” Menachem asked Ariel. “ It’s been awhile” said Menachem. “ Ya thanks for fixing that AC all those years ago.” “ It was no problem” said Menachem. “ How are your kids?”

To be continued…..

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The M16 Is Great For America

A good gun can make the most difference when you may possibly eally need onem16-vietnam. The m16 is just one of those.

Eric Perkoff represents one of the many soldiers in the United States military who defended the country during the Iraq War just a few years ago. When at war he had used an m16 to defend himself and the United States 0 times. Yet he always had an m16 with him in hand. He remembered the many times he had almost been attacked yet never really needed to shoot at any terroists. Crazy enough he wasn’t even stationed so far away from where Sadam Hussein   was found back in the Winter/Spring of 2004. In all of these instances Eric had an m16 in hand yet didn’t really use it as much as a lot of other people did during that battle. Eric was m16%20viper%20with%20the%20coyote%20ugly%20finish%20by%20m16%20clinicalso an expert in karate. So this was the self defense mwethod that he actually used one time to defend himself against Iraqi terroists when he was attacked one time back in 2005. Yet even during that battle Eric still carried his m16 in hand.

Eric was discharged from the United States army in the Spring of 2006. He had been there for about four years give our take since he had first been drafted back in September 2003. Now Eric was excited to be reunited with his family yet there was some sadness in his eyes when he had to give back his m16. At the same time though he made sure to make a rough sketch of the m16 in his notepad. This sketch was one that he brought back with him to his family’s home in Boston and right next to pictures that his kid made that said welcome home was going to be his picture of the m16 until he realized that he didn’t want his kids really seeing it. So whehawaii-convoy2003-12-17n Eric returned home after kissing his wife and kids he put it in a little drawer in his home office that had been almost abandoned since he went to Iraq so many years before. He thanked his kids and wife for all they had done for him. On Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor day and a lot of other big days of significance for the United States armed forces, Eric would take the picture of the m16 out of his drawer. He would use it as a reference to remember the great America that he had defended against the country. When Eric’s kids got a little bit older he would show them the picture of the m16 on 9/11 and explain to him how not necessarily him but people like him would use this m16 when necessary to fight evil. He explained to them that he wished for a day when there would no longer be a need for m16’s in this world. A world of complete and utter peacefulness free of war and terrosim. Until then m16’s would be needed though.

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The Grammar Software

Fed up with grammarly, ginger and all of the other grammar checking softwares out there Jack decided he was going to create his own grammar checking software. This grammar checking software would be like no grammar checking software nobody has ever seen before.

Jack had several big plans for this grammar checking software. First of all the software would check for 1,000’s of grammatical, spelling, syntax and many more errors which I can’t even begin to describe to you right now. The grammar checking software also had a highly sophisticated speak and write function. Like many other similar programs this program would allow you to write an essay, paper or even a novel orally. If you speak in incorrect grammar the grammar checking software would edit what you say instantaneously without you having to think about it. You would also be able to save your work orally. All you would need to do is tell your grammar checking software. “Grammar checker save!” It would then save the file as both a word document and as an oral mp3 file. As he went through his plan for this grammar checker in his head Jack wondered if calling the program grammar checker was a good name. Maybe he could give the grammimprove-grammar-and-spelling-in-english-with-grammarlyar checker another name. A possibility was the ultimate grammar checker. He decided to find out if this name was taken he would figure this out at the patent office. Jack lived in Washington DC so a patent office wasn’t to hard to come by. He went there and explained to them that he had this new invention, a superior grammar checking software that he wanted to file for a patent for. “ Can you check that it’s name isn’t taken though. I want to call it the ultimate grammar checker.” They did a search for it over the computer. “ Ya no official name” they told you-either-die-a-grammar-nazi1him. This was perfect now Jack could introduce his new official grammar checking software. He had been waiting to introduce this grammar checking software, the ultimate grammar checking software for so, so long now. His dream was finally becoming a reality. His grammar checking software made Jack feel like he had just wished upon a star and made no difference that he was just some average guy from Montgomery, Alabama currently living in Washington DC. He was going to be the inventor of the Ultimate Grammar Checker. He was considering though getting people to invest in it once it went more public. After a few months the ultimate grammar checker went on the market. To generate some more sales though Jack decided to go on the show “ Shark Tank” to get the people from there to invest in his product. All of the judges on that show unanimously agreed to invest in his ultimate grammar checker. Life was looking really good for Jack from that point on. Before he knew it he became one of the wealthiest people in America.

How long that will last? We will see.

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Glock 19 Accessories

Glock 19 accessories

A great thing about the Glock 19 are all its great accessories. There are so many great glock 19 accessories here are a few of them. First of all the glock 19 has a superb grip/plug insert. Additionally the Glocglock-accessoriesk’s backstrap is right next to the magazine. On this backstrap there is also a cavity which some make the decision to plug up. The grip plug is a popular accessory that is helpful to your grip, and give you more control. Another great one of the glock 19’s accessories is its slide stop lever. This lever is all about convenience and speed. The lever isn’t all that expensive too and it can make a difference for newbie shooters without much experience as well as for times when guns aren’t so broken into. The guns lever also doesn’t do so much damage in regards to its aesthetics. Not so much changes with this Glock though. It is still the same old school glock. When your finger goes for a slide stop post a magazine change though you begin to feel a difference. Any tiny bump that your finger can quickly find helps decrease the guns exchange time making that time as short as possible.

Some other great accessories for the glock 19 include its extended magazine release lever and a light. This release lever is a real time saver when it comes to using your glock 19 for self defense and may even save lives. In stressful situations beware! unless you are a glock19-accessorieshighly qualified and skilled gunsmen your fingers may start to fumble a bit and your mind could go completely blank. This is why you need to use the gun as fast as you can for what you need it to do. In gunfights you want to limit the amount of time you are involved with an empty magazine. A standard for the generation 4 glock.  A light is probably one of the most critical glock accessories that you need to buy. A disadvantage of the glocks light is that it is a little bulky, most of the time. Can you imagine though carrying your glock at night without a light though? It is an absolute necessity. A good beam of light will help you out when carrying your glock in places with not such great lighting. This light is an especially great idea when paired with a laser. Will talk now about just one more of the glock accessories. The glock sights. Now there are a lot of owners who make the decision to modify the original factory made glock 19 sights. The main reason given for this is that a sight design, which glocks provides, is a okay. At the same time though it is not the best sight design out there. For the range a U-Dot sight design may actually be a better option. In real life though using these sights may not be the best option. The original sites the gun comes with also don’t have tritium.

So here are a few great glock accessories. There are so many more of them so do your research and see which ones work best for you!

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Banking On It All…